How We Work

Approach to Projects

Our approach is creative and practical.  Our design will incorporate components made from readily available materials and hardware for ease of ongoing maintenance and repairs.  We understand that our clients are making an investment and as such we design elements for continued use for many years to come.  We believe that a successful design is the result of a collaborative effort between the client and design team.  We listen to our clients and respect the knowledge and experience they bring to the table.

Development Process

Design projects begin with programming and curatorial conception and proceed through schematic design into 3D renderings and detailed fabrication drawings. 

Some clients come to us with some basic ideas of what they have and what they want, and others come with a fully written exhibit script that we translate into a visual experience.  We also take on projects that have already gone through the design phase and turn them into reality. We tailor our process to meet our clients where they are, and provide services to make the most of their exhibit space and budget.

Cost Analysis and Control

By having in-house ability to design and produce, we can supply reliable cost analyses throughout the design phase to ensure your project will be produced in budget and on time. Before each submittal, our team reviews the design and content documents and updates the budget estimate.  We value engineer designs to consider alternative ways to accomplish the same objective or to prioritize exhibit elements and budget. For specialties outside of our capabilities we have an established network of tight vendor relationships.

Want to know more about how we partner with our clients? Download our Case Study brochure to get more details on multiple projects we have done with two different clients.

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