Who We Are

The Company

Spaces to Experiences was started as a fabrication only company in 2005. Very soon after that we began partnering with various designers to broaden our range of capabilities.  Since then we have completed projects nationwide. Our talented staff of craftsmen have a combined 75 years of experience in design engineering and fabrication of high-quality exhibits and other components. We serve clients that include museums, visitor centers, store planners, architects and designers, integrated marketers, sign companies, fixture manufactures, the furniture industry, and government agencies on the city, county, state and federal level.

Our highly skilled in-house talent base has the experience and ability necessary to help bring vision to reality in an efficient and effective manner. We are always mastering new materials and technologies, allowing us to provide the latest state of the art, visually stimulating displays and exhibits. By maintaining our high-quality standard, we have won the loyalty of the most demanding customers in the industry.  Our 6,000 square foot facility is conveniently located just off I96 in Marne, Michigan. This location affords us the luxury of lower overhead while maintaining close proximity to our vendor network in Grand Rapids and Muskegon.

Our Capabilities

  • Exhibit Conceptual Design
  • Exhibit Final Design & Project Management
  • Architectural Interior Design Specifications
  • Lighting Design, Specification, and Staging
  • Architectural Interfacing
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Artifact Mounting
  • Creativity, Ingenuity, Flexibility, and Practicality
  • Strong Communication
  • Value Engineering
  • High Quality Fabrication and Installation Services

Key Players

Jerry Knapp, Owner/Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Jerry oversees all projects that come through our door. He will be there to answer any questions or resolve any issues that arise throughout the entire process. His capabilities include display and interactive engineering, electronic component assembly and modification, welding and carpentry. With his extensive experience and knowledge of facilities, exhibits, design engineering, and budgeting, he will assure that the design is meeting the intended outcome as it relates to expectations and budget.

Mindy Conley, Lead Designer and Project Manager

Mindy has 17+ years of experience in every aspect of design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of museum exhibits. She has supervised or directly designed and installed over 200 exhibits ranging in size from single display cases to full galleries, with expected life spans of a few months to many years. Her capabilities include conceptual design, final design, 2D illustrations, virtual 3D models, text editing, graphic design, and project management. Mindy also has extensive artifact handling and mount-making experience and is knowledgeable about artifact care.

Want more details about our qualifications? Prefer a document to share? Download our brochure.

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